Concurrent Versions Systems Graphical Interface




CVSGI v0.1 has now been released. Download by clicking here

What is CVSGI?

CVSGI is an Graphical interface to CVS system. CVSGI allows users of CVS to interact with the system through a graphical interface, This avoids the need to carry out the commans through commans line or a shell. The CVSGI is a written in java making it platform independent. User can use it in both Windows and Unix. The first release is for Window.

The following features are to be included in CVSGI release 0.1.

  1. Add Files/Directories to CVS

  2. Explorer type windows for easy navigation

  3. Checking out facility

  4. Commit Facility etc.

  5. Checking out of Multiple files

  6. Checking out of Files, subfolder and their contents through one click

These are just some of the features which are supported by CVSGI


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CVSGI is copyrighted to Asif Akhtar 2003. The application is made available under the GPL licencing terms. If you dont agree to the terms then don't use this application.